CPEA Nose guest blog: A Rose by Any Other Name


I don’t know. Maybe I’m being a bit over sensitive here but I suspect anyone who reads this page will agree with me that it is wrong for a care home to change someone’s name. So why – if it’s so obviously wrong do people do it without the flicker of an eyelid?…

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CPEA Nose guest blog: Relax With Moon

How stressful this time of year has become? How far our six-week shopping binge is from its roots, from that old mid-winter festival when everyone was looking forward to a celebration and a bit of community – as well as a prayer that the sun would actually come up again…

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Two Safeguarding Adults Reviews Published

CPEA has published two new Safeguarding Adults Reviews concerning the deaths of two people with learning disabilities in Suffolk. The reviews were into the deaths of James, a 33 year old man with a learning disability who had lifelong problems with constipation and Amy, a 52 year old woman with learning disabilities with known bowel problems. James died in hospital on 17 November 2012 and Amy died in hospital on 7 May 2013. The CPEA Reports, written by highly-experienced Associate Margeret Flynn, provide 15 recommendations to be taken forward which include the need for care coordination to be supported by record keeping and information sharing across professionals and services and that peoples families or representatives are regularly consulted. The reports are available to download here

CPEA Nose guest blog: Early Parenting Lessons for Business Leaders?

Sue McGuire considers spin-off benefits of online learning


I’ve recommended FutureLearn’s free online courses before and I continue to be astounded by their quality and thoughtfulness, and so am happy to alert you to another of them. I’ve just completed the ‘Caring for Vulnerable Children’ course which is hosted by the University of Strathclyde Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children in Scotland (CELCIS)…

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Operation Jasmine Review Published by CPEA

CPEA’s Margaret Flynn has published ‘In Search of Accountability’: A review of the neglect of older people living in care homes investigated as Operation Jasmine. The review discusses the background and terms of reference of the Review, an insight into the people and organisations involved, an overview of the findings and analysis plus the recommendations. It concludes with six ‘lessons for the future’ of older people’s residential care as requested by the First Minister. The report can be downloaded here

CPEA Nose guest blog: (Un-)Professionalism

Sue McGuire thinks about porridge for breakfast – and vivid pink lipstick

I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about professionalism lately, and have been having some interesting conversations about it. One of the first things to say is that it’s a bit of a difficult term to define – and as to what is professional or unprofessional, well everyone has an opinion on that score, it seems…

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