Cooperative Partners

At CPEA, we’re dedicated to delivering cooperative solutions to add value to your organisation. We arrange and manage innovative partnerships to support local authorities, health trusts, their partners, government bodies, businesses and third-sector organisations in meeting their strategic objectives. We support employees thinking of becoming providers themselves. Our partners are carefully selected to deliver the best and most complete solution for your organisation. By way of illustration, we work with partner professionals and organisations that can:

  • Develop financial models and business plans
  • Provide accredited learning and personal development
  • Share professional support and mentoring
  • Arrange HR support and advice from sector experts
  • Offer marketing, PR and social media advice and support
  • Bring high levels of experience in ICT
  • Organise events
  • Advise on legal arrangements
  • Provide care and support services

Pivotal HR

Pivotal HR provide a complete range of HR, change management and benchmarking services to social care employers. All service are tailored to the unique workforce, regulatory and financial needs of independent, not for profit, local authority and NHS Trust providers of social care services. For all your HR needs please contact or visit our website.

Residential Forum

We are members of the Forum who we support with promotional and communications expertise. Many of our associates have a lengthy history in pushing for residential care to be a positive choice.

Care and Share Associates (CASA)

CASA is an employee owned registered home care service franchising out of several locations in the north of England. It has national aspirations to:

  • Extend the number of franchise locations
  • Offer a unique service that brings together housing, social care and health support from the low level preventative early supports to end of life (continuing health) care. Taking in a range of specialist provision for both adults, families and children

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place provides evidence based, personal development programmes, supporting the achievement of unique outcomes for all ages and abilities. Focusing on future aspirations and dreams, whilst drawing upon a completely holistic approach.

Public Service Mutuals with the Cooperative

We believe the principles on which mutuals are founded have a particular resonance in the public sector where there is an underlying sense of public purpose. CPEA work alongside the Cooperative Group, DWF, Cobbetts and the Westminster Bridge Partnership as Associates to provide you with the advice, training and support you will need if you are to set up, run and grow a sustainable mutual.

Social Care Support Network

We are in discussion with the trustees of the social care support network regarding providing promotional and communications support. The organisation is committed to providing personal and collective support to social care workers when and where they need it.

Federation of International Educative Communities (FICE)

We provide the point of contact in England for the federation and are keen to hear from anybody who has an interest in improving links internationally.

As associates of RiPfa we assisted in the preparation of the Strategic Briefing – Quality assurance . This briefing considers what social care providers, commissioners and regulators can do, individually and together, to assure the quality of their services and products.