Workforce Improvement Matters

Workforce improvement is an unquestioned field of expertise for many CPEA consultants. Our recent track record includes:

  • Designing a learning and development framework for those working with assisted living technology
  • Promoting the role of registered managers in the arenas of safeguarding and medication practice
  • Learning and support materials for social work managers in adult services
  • A major contribution to the ADASS Advice Note on Adult Social Work
  • Support to a number of Workforce Development leads in preparing workforce strategies and development plans
  • Formative assessment of leadership and management development in adult social work for Skills for Care
  • Preparation of leadership materials for the DH safer medications in care home project
  • Drafting of national workforce development strategy in adult social care
  • Mentoring for aspiring leaders in children’s services, for the College of Social Work and the Skills Academy
  • Succession Planning
  • ‘Learning to Live with Risk’ for Skills for Care
  • Workforce strategies for four Children’s Trusts – Cornwall, Walsall, City of London and Sefton. Download Sefton Children’s Trust Workforce Strategy [pdf, 1.39mb] here and Walsall case study [pdf, 75kb] here
  • Preparation of induction standards for the commissioning workforce
  • Practical advice and support for providers on the CQC Essential Standards of Quality and Safety
  • Design of a model of common induction for a Children’s Trust

We premise our consultancy support on the sure knowledge that it is usually the workforce that both identify and solve problems. If the combined energies of the practitioner and the service user can be harnessed then a speedy route to better ways of working, productivity and satisfaction can be pursued – to everyone benefit. It may sound simple – but is at the heart of first class consultancy. Our current work includes:

Skills for Care

Working with stakeholders in designing a learning and development framework for people in social care working with assisted living technology. The products include a 5 stage framework, underpinned by functional analysis of tasks, knowledge and skills. Role exemplars will demonstrate the practical use of the products. This Skills for Care project has a second stage where the draft framework will be tested and learning materials developed by the Virtual College.

National Skills Academy for Social Care

Preparing learning and support materials for social work managers in adult services. Nearing completion this work for the Skills Academy will feature on their virtual learning environment. It is based on extensive sector consultation and includes up to the modules on ethical business practice, professional leadership, improvement and finance. Watch this space for details of launch.


Continued commitment to up the professional status of registered managers sees CPEA Ltd involved in delivering innovative training modules with Coventry University colleagues. Plus work for Skills for Care on adult safeguarding is revealing the need for registered managers to share learning and development opportunities with contract managers, inspectors and adult safeguarding social workers. We have also worked alongside the former Social Care Association in producing a practice guide for registered managers in adult services soon to be complemented with a children homes edition.