Evaluating Practice

We offer thorough analysis, careful planning and design of solutions, plus assistance with project management and review of outcomes. Our practice evaluations range from pre and post inspection support services to independent leadership of serious case reviews, from whole service investigation and review to small business process re-engineering, from local change management projects all the way to major turnaround intervention.

Our people will work with you to assess how your people, structures and processes align with your overall strategic direction. We will help identify – and implement – suitable, practical solutions to meet that end.

Using insightful tools – such as workforce planning and human resource problem solving techniques – we help public service bodies, private social care companies, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and partnerships address fundamental strategic issues and deliver results.

At CPEA we have founded our social care support services on:

  • Spending time getting specifications fine tuned to customer requirements
  • Thorough analysis – engaging your people and using the best data and information
  • Sharing design and planning of agreed actions
  • Working alongside your people in getting things done if required
  • Seeking evidence of positive outcomes for users of services