The social care market

At the forefront of thinking, design, action and review CPEA favours a simple CHECK/PLAN/DO method when it comes to markets. Yes we can assist prepare market position statements and plans. Yes we know commissioning is ‘strategic’ and that proper procurement is necessary. However we are keen to take commissioning out into the actual market place. Our thinking is based on a wish to support everybody in social care make the most of a safe and vibrant market – something that the people in every community will want to use and contribute to.

Our approach focuses on markets being places where people who want something go to do business with other people who may have exactly what they need.  Some call this co-production between commissioners and service providers. As long as that means customers get real choice for their money then that’s the type of market that will thrive. Nobody goes to a market devoid of traders or customers. We know that in many respects in social care the market is the labour market. With social care services it is the calibre of the people who do the job, plus their managers and leaders, that we are looking for when we go to market.

Recently we have been engaged to:

  • Prepare a market position statement for a rural county
  • Develop an online and interactive market position statement for a London Borough
  • Write learning materials, train commissioning staff and advise service providers
  • Draft induction standards for the commissioning workforce
  • Design and implement commissioning strategies in mental health, learning disability services and physical and sensory impairment services
  • Prepare commissioning frameworks for health and social care partnerships in major cities
  • Secure improved and more efficient joint commissioning processes between health and social care partners

Our track record in this field is now extensive and we would be happy to share more of our experiences with you. The approach we bring is based on a deep understanding of:

  • The individual, community and strategic levels of considering purpose and demand
  • Effective and practical deployment of the CHECK/PLAN/DO methodology
  • Knowledge and experience of being on the provider side of the equation – we know how to find out how the work actually works!
  • Commitment to identifying value for money
  • Support for social enterprise and new models of public service