Learning Together

We are interested in useable learning and offer single events, contributions to conferences, workshops, seminars and whole courses to health and social care managers and practitioners, service users and family caregivers. Our flexibility and pro-activity is valued by those who commission our work.

Our approach to learning:

  • Favours negotiating with organisations to identify the learning outcomes required over offering ‘standard’ training courses
  • Promotes CPEA Associates, from practitioner and academic backgrounds, to contribute to our programme. They identify learning preferences and use an array of interactive techniques
  • Involves work alongside in-house managers and practitioners to ensure credible connections with operational services. For example, collaborating with the
  • Safeguarding Adults Co-ordinator in providing training regarding the identification of abuse and responses to this
  • Encourages the invitation and collation of feedback on our activities and events, sharing this with our commissioners
  • Means experience of entering into co-operative partnerships to enhance an organisations ‘in-house’ training programme