What else?

Social care, in our view, has got itself into a strait-jacket. In the UK we have looked inwards towards the four countries. Fine as that brings social care closer to its communities but consequent narrower thinking and curtailment of best practice influences between ourselves, across Europe and the global world is a downside. In addition we have segregated children and adult’s social care to differing extents in the UK. The upside is specialism but the loss is the family and community context as well the positive influences from other sectors and professions.

Alongside this social care, again in our view, whilst huge and complex has caught itself in ‘sector’ only thinking. If we at CPEA are going to offer anything different it will be to help our customers ‘zone out’ of the orderly sector we know so well. The next few pages represent a counter-balancing we hope you find helpful.

For starters we offer:

  • media and technology
  • global social care
  • law and social care
  • social care and football
  • on the railways
  • home economics
  • social pedagogy and andragogy
  • story-telling in social care

Some say there is a need for ‘disruption’ if social care is to adapt and cope with what the future appears to hold. We find that word a bit harsh but understand the sentiment. There is a limit to how long we can carry on doing the same things – social work, residential, day and domiciliary care – faster, better and cheaper without something breaking. Here we offer a lead in opening up the system, re-ordering it, letting in some light and creating a novel zone for people wanting and needing social care.

If you want to comment or support then get in touch:

  • vic.citarella@cpea.co.uk
  • 07947 680 588
  • @cpeanose

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