Media and Technology

Only Connect – How to Bridge the Gap?

Mike Wright gazes at a connected future

Edwardian novelist EM Forster

My last blog expressed concern that undue reliance on technology could threaten to dilute our experience of the ever-present moment – threatening the only connection with reality we have.

I suggested that dystopian visions of future societies ruled by computers may not be too far from the present state of things, in so far as we allow social media to dictate our actions and opinions. Read more…

Mind the Gap – Is our use of Technology an aid to living or clever distraction?

Mike Wright looks toward our possible future: will it be a happy one or a ‘dystopian’ one?

I have my concerns about Technology. However, my concerns are not the kind that all centre around a dystopian vision in which computers have become sentient and made us all slaves, where memory foam remembers things we wish to forget or where self-service checkouts learn to expect the unexpected items in the baggage area. Read more…